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8bs News is a livestream which was held at 8pm on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays (JST/GMT+9) on the 8 beat Story♪ niconico channel during the last two months of 2016 (though is likely to return in 2017).

In it, a group of voice actresses from the game (typically two or three of them) provides news about recent or upcoming changes to the game while hosting 'corners' (things like answering questions or reacting to illustrations and funny comments viewers can send in) to provide entertainment.

Each broadcast consists of two segments: a one hour long free-to-watch portion which contains the main program, and a shorter (typically less than half an hour) segment that only paid subscribers can view which contains some additional bonus content.

Common Corners[]

Some of the common corners featured are:

  • New Information (the news that the program takes its name from)
  • Oogiri (viewers can send in (hopefully witty) responses to pre-determined topics/questions, which the seiyuu then react to and rate as good or bad)

Past Streams[]

(possibly out of date at times)

  1. November 1 (Haruka Shamoto, Ayami Yoshii)
  2. November 8 (Nanami Yoshimura, Miharu Sawada)
  3. November 15 (Natsuki Aono, Wakana Kingyo)
  4. November 29 (Haruka Shamoto, Misaki Yoshioka, Natsuki Aono)
  5. December 7 (Wakana Kingyo, Nanami Yoshimura)
  6. December 14 (Ayami Yoshii, Miharu Sawada)
  7. December 20 (Haruka Shamoto, Misaki Yoshioka, Wakana Kingyo, Nanami Yoshimura)