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Ano Hi no Yakusoku is a song performed by Yukina, Hinata and Suzune from 8/pLanet!!.

This song was added to the game on June 17, 2016 for the Ano Hi no Yakusoku event and the full version was released on June 22, 2016.
When the event ended, it was added to the limited songs roster (it can be played on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays).




あの日キミと手を つなぎながら歩いた道
泣きたくて 泣けなくて 苦しいよ

あの日の約束 守るから
一歩ずつ踏み出すよ いつまでも

遠くにいっちゃって ひとりぼっち

急すぎるよ まだ
悲しくて 寂しくて 涙が止まらなくなるの

ひとりじゃダメなの まだ…

泣きたくて くじけそうな日もあるけど

あの日の約束 忘れない
一歩ずつ踏み出すよ いつまでも


kaerimichi no BRANKO de
nanimo iwanai de kyou mo
senaka o sotto oshite kureteta
futari o tsutsumu kaze

ano hi KIMI to te o tsunagi nagara aruita michi
nakitakute nakenakute kurushii yo
demo KIMI ga ireba

donna ni tsurai KOTO ga atta hi demo
「zutto zutto watashi ga iru kara」 tte
attakai yuuhi ni tsutsumare nagara
tonari ni itsumo KIMI ga ite
KIMI no nukumori o migite ni kanjite
senobi shite mae o muku nda
ano hi no yakusoku mamoru kara
ippozutsu fumidasu yo itsumademo

itsumo tonari de watashi no
te o hiite kureta KIMI ga
tooku ni icchatte hitoribocchi
BURANKO mo ugokanai

kyuu sugiru yo mada
tsutaeraretenai koto bakkari
kanashikute samishikute namida ga tomaranaku naru no

hitori ja DAME na no mada…

mou tonari ni wa KIMI ga inai keredo
KIMI e tsutaetai koto ga aru nda yo
nakitakute kujikesou na hi mo aru kedo
kitto mou daijoubu da yo

KIMI no nukumori mune ni shimatte kyou kara
senobi shite mae o muku nda
ano hi no yakusoku wasurenai
ippozutsu fumidasu yo itsumademo

English Translation

I was sitting there silently on the swing
along the way home once again today.
You gave me a gentle little push
and the breeze enveloped us.

On that day with you, we walked down the road as we held hands
Wanting to cry, but not crying ― it hurts,
but if you're here with me...

There were so many tough things that happened that day,
but as you said, "I'll always be there".
So as the warm evening sun surrounds us with its glow,
you'll always be right by my side.
I feel your warmth in my right hand
It lets me stand tall and face ahead
Because we've kept our promise from that day,
I'll move ahead one step at a time for eternity.

Always being by my side,
you reached for my hand.
Having gone so far; being in solitude like this,
even the the swing's left sitting still.

It's all too sudden
There's so much I haven't been able to say to you yet
It's devastating, and it's lonely. I can't hold back the tears any more.

I can't go on alone. Not yet...

You've already left my side,
but there's still things I want to say to you.
There's days where I feel crushed and want to cry,
but everything will definitely be alright!

I'll keep your warmth safely within my heart from now on
I'll stand up tall and face ahead
I won't forget our promise from that day
I'll move ahead one step at a time for eternity

(Translated by Ntnd)

8 beat Story♪ song lyrics are copyright © Chronus Inc.