8BeatStory Wikia

For each member's birthday, a special version of one song featuring only their vocals is released. The songs are available for a total of five days (the birthday and the following four days).

List of birthday solos: (note that this list is out of date)

Member Song Date
Akari Kanaeru Mirai May 30, 2016 (+2017)
Suzune Kizuna no Polaris June 12, 2016 (+2017)
Mei BoyFriend July 28, 2016 (+2017)
Yukina Blue Moon September 8, 2016
Hinata Kimi wa Lemonade November 12, 2016
Hotaru School Disco January 21, 2017
Ayame Distance February 2, 2017
Anri Hatsukoi Cherry Blossom March 1, 2017
Akari Sore Yuke! Otome no Mission May 30, 2017
Suzune Count It Down June 12, 2017
Mei Tiny little letter July 28, 2017