8/pLanet!![edit | edit source]

8/pLanet!! is a group of eight students from Otonomori Academy who compete against androids in musical Live Battles.

1st Year Students

Yukina Hotaru Mei

2nd Year Students

Hinata Suzune Akari

3rd Year Students

Ayame Anri

Pioneer Support[edit | edit source]

Pioneer Support is a research organisation involved in the founding of Otonomori Academy.

Pioneer Support

Director chara pg icon.png

2_wEi[edit | edit source]

2_wEi is a unit formed by two Type_Z androids.
  • Alumi Koga (CV: Maiko Nomura)
    002 - Copy.jpg
  • Mint Koga (CV: Rana Morishita)
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