8BeatStory Wikia

Token Event[]

Token events involve playing regular songs to earn tokens, which are then used (instead of stamina) to play the event song. Every song you play earns event points, but playing the event song awards a much higher quantity than playing other songs.

Scoring event points gives you rewards, and having a high ranking (out of all players) when the event ends will give you additional rewards.

Token events also bring some new gameplay mechanics to lives:

  • You can choose to spend double the regular amount of stamina on any song during an event. Doing this also doubles the amount of the event item you earn from the song.
  • The event song has a special 'mother' difficulty which becomes available during the event (about halfway through the event). This is harder than the expert difficulty.
  • At a point in the event (about halfway through), boost mode becomes available. By spending two or four times the regular amount of the event item, the amount of event points earned from the event song can be increased.

Bit Festa[]

In a bit festa event, playing any song (not only the event song) rewards the user with event points which can then be exchanged for any prize offered on the event screen when the player chooses to do so.

During these events, songs of a specified attribute type (which changes each day of the event) may also drop rare items (strengthening items and energy bull).

At a point in the event (approx. half way through), boost mode becomes available. By spending two or three times the regular amount of stamina, the amount of event points earned from playing can be increased.

Ultra Bit Festa[]

An ultra bit festa works the same as a regular bit festa but with the following differences:

  • Higher quantities of rewards are available. (may not always occur)
  • The rare items are dropped from all songs on every day.
  • Boost mode is available from the start of the event.
  • All mother difficulty charts become available to play during the event.

Team Competition[]

A team competition event is played like a token event, but in addition the eight members of 8/pLanet!! are split into teams of which every player must choose one to join! The winning team (the one whose players earn the most points) gets extra rewards (special cards made and a special version of the event song)!