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The event for the song Lovely Summer was held from August 5-13 2016. It was the fourth event in the game (and the first team competition event).

The token for this event was watermelon.

After the event (September 3 - September 7), versions of Lovely Summer performed by the team with the most points (Suzune+Mei) and the one with the highest average points per player (Hinata+Hotaru) were available to play.


Hinata & Hotaru:
TeamEvent1 HinataHotaru.jpg

Suzune & Mei:
TeamEvent1 SuzuneMei.jpg

Yukina & Akari:
TeamEvent1 YukinaAkari.jpg

Ayame & Anri:
TeamEvent1 AyameAnri.jpg

Card Rewards[]

  • [Lovely Summer] Mei (with art of both Mei and Suzune) (R) (Card #162)
  • [Lovely Summer] Mei (with art of both Mei and Suzune) (SR) (Card #163)