8BeatStory Wikia

The main story of 8 beat Story is unlocked based on the number of songs a player has played. It's split into several chapters, which each have about ten fairly short sub-stories in them.

A backstory also exists on the game's app/play store, which provides a substantial amount of context for the storyline.


The introduction of an independent music-making AI called "MOTHER" rapidly changed the development of music. And "MOTHER" wasn't only making songs either - in the search for beautiful singing and dancing 'performers', personified "androids" were made.

Furthermore, in order for MOTHER to choose the best performers, teams competed in musical battles ("virtual lives") within an online virtual space.

8 years after the virtual lives began, an exhibition performance on the internet got people all around the world excited for them. Both androids and humans participated as performers, but in 2029 the androids' massive amounts of progress would make it difficult for the humans to achieve victory.

Now, one of MOTHER's researchers fears that MOTHER and the androids are taking control of all music. To fight against the androids and their music, the researcher assembled some members and opened "Otonomori Academy".

3 years since the school opened, girls who love music have gathered at Otonomori Academy. Here, 8 girls are determined to compete in virtual lives. However, determination alone won't grant them victory against the music performed by androids. So these sweet girls can grow to adulthood, a once-student who is becoming teacher this year (the player) is appointed a staff role at Otonomori Academy.

Main Story Chapters[]

Chapter 1 - First Time at Otonomori Academy[]

  1. From today on, I'm a teacher
  2. The birth of a new member!?
  3. What's important is the feeling
  4. Let's see what you can do
  5. A 'beat manager'?
  7. A burden?
  8. It's gonna be tough
  9. We could always find a replacement (?????)
  10. Supporting relationships
  11. Understanding them one at a time
  12. Normal high school girls
  13. A cute face
  14. Isn't it nice when we're all together?
  15. Showing appreciation

Chapter 2 - The Significance of Fighting, for the Chosen Reasons[]


  1. Mei's secret
  2. Dorm entry requirements
  3. Chosen performers
  4. Amplification power
  5. It has to be you, teacher
  6. Is this trust?
  7. We can't afford to lose
  8. The significance of beating the androids
  9. A dream we'll unconditionally keep

Chapter 3 - Shinrai ga Unda Kiseki[]

Chapter 4 - Watashi-tachi ni Shika Dekinai Koto[]

Chapter 5 - Aidoru datte Futsū no Joshi Kōsē[]