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The main story of 8 beat Story is unlocked based on the number of songs a player has played. It's split into several chapters, which each have about ten to fifteen fairly short episodes in them. By reading the main story you get core jewels.

A backstory also exists on the game's app/play store, which provides a substantial amount of context for the storyline.

The recommended order of reading the entire game's story is as follows:

Main Story Chapter 1-10 → 2_wEi Chapters 1-2 → Kanade Sorano Chapter 1 → Main Story Chapter 11-12 → 2_wEi Chapter 3-4 → B.A.C Chapter 1 → Main Chapter 13


The introduction of an independent music-making AI called "MOTHER" rapidly changed the development of music. And "MOTHER" wasn't only making songs either - in the search for beautiful singing and dancing 'performers', personified "androids" were made.

Furthermore, in order for MOTHER to choose the best performers, teams competed in musical battles ("virtual lives") within an online virtual space.

8 years after the virtual lives began, an exhibition performance on the internet got people all around the world excited for them. Both androids and humans participated as performers, but in 2029 the androids' massive amounts of progress would make it difficult for the humans to achieve victory.

Now, one of MOTHER's researchers fears that MOTHER and the androids are taking control of all music. To fight against the androids and their music, the researcher assembled some members and opened "Otonomori Academy".

3 years since the school opened, girls who love music have gathered at Otonomori Academy. Here, 8 girls are determined to compete in virtual lives. However, determination alone won't grant them victory against the music performed by androids. So these sweet girls can grow to adulthood, a once-student who is becoming teacher this year (the player) is appointed a staff role at Otonomori Academy.

Main Story Chapters[]

Chapter 1 - Teacher, and us.[]

Unlocking requirements: Complete the tutorial

  1. Episode: First day of being a teacher
  2. Episode: After the live
  3. Episode: A moment in the morning
  4. Episode: Beat Manager
  5. Episode: "What's a Live Battle?"
  6. Episode: Even if I win......
  7. Episode: Second graders and
  8. Episode: the third graders
  9. Episode: First graders as well
  10. Episode: Mei's Secret
  11. Episode: Training......
  12. Episode: Training ♪
  13. Episode: This is the beginning

Chapter 2 - How to make everyone's future come true[]

Unlocking requirements: Complete the tutorial

  1. Episode: Special qualifications
  2. Episode: Android
  3. Episode: New model
  4. Episode: Mother
  5. Episode: I just wanted to win
  6. Episode: Meeting
  7. Episode: Morning training
  8. Episode: I'm not giving up
  9. Episode: The end of my efforts
  10. Episode: Form a circle
  11. Episode: Party ♪

Chapter 3 - The Mystery of the Heart and the Bond of Friends[]

Unlocking requirements: Play live shows 1-21 times

  1. Episode: When I wake up from my dream
  2. Episode: What is a 'friend'?
  3. Episode: Operation Make Friends!
  4. Episode: Laugh if you want
  5. Episode: Tender Heart
  6. Episode: One point demerit
  7. Episode: Thinking Android
  8. Episode: My favorite people
  9. Episode: Mei's feelings
  10. Episode: The fruits of my training ♪
  11. Episode: Date with everyone

Chapter 4 - Merely two people, but to us, the beginning.[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode: Tales from the Past 1
  2. Episode: Tale from the Past 2
  3. Episode: Carrot and Stick
  4. Episode: Emotional Barrier?
  5. Episode: Miss
  6. Episode: Secret
  7. Episode: Clumsy Ayame-chan
  8. Episode: Would you like to go on a date?
  9. Episode: To the overly decorated heart
  10. Episode: Day of excitement
  11. Episode: Night, and Stars
  12. Episode: The Truth
  13. Episode: Things that only you can say
  14. Episode: Accessories for your heart
  15. Episode: Tales from the Past 3

Chapter 5 - Traces of our encounters[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode: Tales from the Past 4
  2. Episode: Tales from the Past 5
  3. Episode: Person of great effort
  4. Episode: Cake and Brother
  5. Episode: What's the real problem...?
  6. Episode: Break down
  7. Episode: You were worried, weren't you?
  8. Episode: Way of Believing
  9. Episode: Garden View
  10. Episode: Tales of the Past 6
  11. Episode: Tales from the past 7
  12. Episode: Type_Z

Chapter 6 - The things we can accomplish because we can do it all[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode: Serious Talk
  2. Episode: Towards the sun
  3. Episode: I love all of it
  4. Episode: Inside the heart of liveliness
  5. Episode: Another face
  6. Episode: The princess of the family
  7. Episode: Suffocating kindness
  8. Episode: I ran away
  9. Episode: The disease of youth
  10. Episode: I have to choose
  11. Episode: Today's the day we can fly
  12. Episode: We'll win what we enjoy!
  13. Episode: All of ours—

Chapter 7 - The first time I heard my own voice[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode: Number one friend
  2. Episode: The depths within Mei-chan's heart
  3. Episode: Tone of talent
  4. Episode: Close minded
  5. Episode: Our dissonance
  6. Episode: —A hard earned break!
  7. Episode: A test of courage competition!
  8. Episode: I'm not kind
  9. Episode: Unheard tale
  10. Episode: A ghost playing the piano
  11. Episode: Secret

Chapter 8 - The girl at the beginning of the end[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode: Close encounters of the third kind
  2. Episode: What's the girl's name?
  3. Episode: Behind the scenes of —A hard earned break!
  4. Episode: What's our enemy's name?
  5. Episode: Reasons not to believe it
  6. Episode: Tell me! Mei-chan!
  7. Episode: Memento
  8. Episode: Go for it, do your best
  9. Episode: Guerilla Live
  10. Episode:
  11. Episode:
  12. Episode:

Chapter 9 -[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode:
  2. Episode:
  3. Episode:
  4. Episode:
  5. Episode:
  6. Episode:
  7. Episode:
  8. Episode:
  9. Episode:
  10. Episode:
  11. Episode:
  12. Episode:
  13. Episode:

Chapter 10 -[]

No unlocking requirements.

  1. Episode:
  2. Episode:
  3. Episode:
  4. Episode:
  5. Episode:
  6. Episode:
  7. Episode:
  8. Episode:
  9. Episode:
  10. Episode:
  11. Episode:
  12. Episode:
  13. Episode:

Side Stories[]


Chapter 1 -[]

Kanade Sorano[]

Chapter 1 -[]


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