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Some songs in the game have had alternate versions added to the game for special occasions. These alternate versions are available for only a short amount of time (typically five days including the remaining portion of the first day they become available, unless otherwise stated).

One type of these are the birthday solo songs, which are released on any given member's birthday.

Others have also been added at various points: (note that this list is out of date)

Song Members Date Notes
Lovely Summer Mei, Suzune September 3, 2016 Event winners
Lovely Summer Hinata, Hotaru September 3, 2016 Highest avg. points in event
Sentehisshou Smile Akari, Yukina September 27, 2016 Determined in corner at 1st live
Shiny Hinata, Suzune September 27, 2016 Determined in corner at 1st live
Halloween☆Night Hinata, Akari, Ayame, Mei November 7, 2016 Event winners
Happy♡Merry Mei, Hinata December 25, 2016 Event winners
DREAMER Hinata, Akari March 31, 2017 Event winners
Fantasia April Fools' ver. All April 1, 2017 Available for one day. Was only a new note chart for the normal tutorial-length version.
Rooting for You Akari, Ayame, Hotaru September 1, 2017 Event winners

The coin songs from the premium shop are also alternate versions of existing songs, but they do not have fixed time windows in which they can be played.