8BeatStory Wikia

8 beat Story is a relatively simple game to build teams in, but there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your teams.

This is a fairly simple guide aimed at a fairly intermediate player who just doesn't really quite get teams (it can be hard with the language barrier). Feel free to improve on it as you see fit -- this is far from perfect, though hopefully good enough to help some people out.

A good place to start on your quest for the highest score is choosing a leader for a team.

The most important things about the leader are:

  • that its attribute is right for the team (I shouldn't have to say this, but just don't think about using a cool leader on a cute team or something)
  • and its leader effect.

Generally speaking, there's probably not a need to use a leader with an effect which affects life, so don't choose them.

The 'all' type leader effects offer the most versatility when building teams, and hence will probably allow you to build the strongest teams you can, but it may be possible to make stronger teams using other effects depending on the cards you have (especially if you don't have an 'all up' type UR card).

Your chosen guest's effect should either be for whatever stat is the highest on your team when you're done or the 'all' type, whichever gives the strongest team when starting a live (make sure it's a UR).

So how does one choose cards to go with a leader?

A good place to start is sorting all your cards in order of strength (from the sorting box, choose '総合値').

If you're going to use an 'all' effect for both your leader and as your guest, just choose the first eight cards of the right attribute (and of course feel free to change them around because of skills if you want to). That's one good thing about this effect: team building's really easy.

Otherwise, you might want to start calculating each card's boosted strength and choose the highest ones after boosts.

Ignoring the on-attribute boost (because you should only be using cards of the right attribute),
final card strength = combined strength + boosted stat one * boost one + boosted stat two * boost two
(for an 'all' effect, use combined strength as the boosted stat)
One of those boosts is for your leader's effect, and the other one is the guest's effect.

(pre-calculated, but unverified values can be found on the Leader Effect Combintaions (SR) and Leader Effect Combintaions (UR) pages)

Once you've chosen your members, arrange them however you want (just don't move the leader). There isn't anything left to do (as you'd probably be able to guess).